The Fearless Vampire Killers

Bal des Vampires

The Fearless Vampire Killers, the comedy Musical Roman Polanski is set to make his return at the Mogador Theatre. Rock ballads, humor stunning, choreography, sets and dazzling costumes await you in this French adaptation. Roman Polanski Signs Ball exuberant and quirky humor and horror where Vampires combine wonderfully.

For the first time in French (and France!), Roman Polanski presents a stage adaptation at the Mogador Theatre in the cult film The Fearless Vampire Killers. Humor, horror, exuberance and second degree, Roman Polanski is seen surrounded by talent: Michael Kunze for the booklet, and Jim Steinman for the music.

For nearly 2:30, viewers will discover the delicious adventures of Professor Abronsius and his young assistant Alfred, went on a trip into the mysterious Transylvania believe that vampires exist, and determined to meet them. Arrived in a small village, they met residents who seem terrified by a strange presence. Soon, the innkeeper‘s daughter, Sarah, is kidnapped by a vampire. Abronsius and Alfred, lovesick to the beautiful girl, go looking for him … They quickly succeed to enter the castle, and vampires will soon no longer to leave noticing Cold in the back covered!

When I realized my film” The Fearless Vampire Killers , tone, humor and history lend themselves to a musical. Since its establishment in Austria in 1997, I‘ve always dreamed of seeing my vampires sing and dance in Paris. and now, in October 2014, you can see them here at the Mogador Theatre. says Roman Polanski.

Rock and Roll, stunning sets and costumes, sharp wit, the next musical Mogador looks stunning. Considered since 1997 french Polanski, date of creation of the film in Austria, the project is finally taking shape, to the delight of an audience that will respond undoubtedly present.

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