Summer Sales 2014

Soldes été 2014


Fashionistes are waiting the period of the summer sales 2014 and looking forward to buy a pair of boots with 50 percent discount tor spotted this beautiful top showcase a few weeks earlier: the summer sales in 2014 will take place from June 25 until July 29.


Between winter and summer sales, fashionistes are spoiled for choice to upgrade their wardrobe and stay on top of trends at low prices.

From the Department stores on the Boulevard Haussmann trough the small and cosy chic boutiques of the Marais, to the luxury brands of the Champs Elysées, you will find all the bargains. If you visit the capital during the sales period, do not forget to book through our Official Site guaranteeing our best price … Happy Shopping!

History of the sales

The principle balances emerged in the nineteenth century with the establishment of fixed prices and the emergence of department stores which were regularly renew their stock so quickly sell items before the arrival of the new collection.

Mannoury and Boucicaut, trade news

It is a priori the Norman Simon Mannoury that we owe the invention of balances, among other innovations that have laid the foundations of modern commerce. Indeed, in his shop in the new Petit St. Thomas located rue du Bac in Paris, Mannoury implements a policy of low prices, with fixed prices displayed, with sales by correspondence with Franco sending port, organizes collections temporary and the famous periods of balance. Mannoury even bought a donkey walking children while clients doing their shopping.

In 1834, a young man of 24 years, Aristide Boucicaut, was hired as a salesman at the Petit Saint Thomas. Boucicaut learn many methods Mannoury, and climbs the ladder until the store closed in 1848. He founded in 1852 the Bon Marché store, until his death in 1877, this trader Engineering has implemented the methods learned from Mannoury, while innovating: public relations program, career development in the company, pension fund levied on profits and pension fund for salaries.